Thursday, June 28, 2007

Alaska Legislature to Appropriate $1 Million Toward New Seawolf Arena. reports that the legislature of the state of Alaska will appropriate $1,000,000 towards the planning and development of a new multipurpose sports facility and arena to be located on the Alaska-Anchorage campus.

The new complex will reportedly house state-of-the-art basketball facilities and a new ice hockey arena. In addition, the facility will likely be the new home for UAA basketball, UAA hockey, and the annual Great Alaska Shootout basketball tournament.

"Construction of a sports complex to meet both the needs of our students and the Municipality is an important step in strengthening community partnerships and developing the Anchorage campus," notes UAA chancellor Fran Ulmer.

According to the KTUU report, the hockey and basketball arena capacities have not yet been finalised, and will likely not be finalised until plans for the new facility are completed (about one year from now). When the story was first leaked, however, The UAA Fan Blog reported that the new hockey arena might contain a seating capacity of around 10,000.

In addition, Donald has posted an update regarding the new arena at his blog.

UPDATE: Apparently after some thought, Alaska's Governor Palin has decided to veto a percentage of the state budjet which included the UAA arena funds.

(Photo courtesy of: Hi-res photos available at: The UAA Fan Blog)

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There's 10,000 people in Alaska?

What are they doing - allowing bears to attend hockey games up there hoping that those godless killing machines attack the opposition? Talk about your tough crowds.

Sorry, channeling a little Colbert.

Very bored.

Go 'Cats!

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