Friday, June 01, 2007

'Breaking' Away From Exempt Status: New NCAA Legislation Affects Exempt Tournaments.

Elliot Olshansky at reports that the NCAA has allegedly done away with one of the more-attractive qualities and distinct advantages of certain tournaments. That attractive quality? Exempt status, which allows for teams participating in certain tournaments to play in tournament games without having to count those games toward the NCAA maximum of 34 games per season.

According to Hockey East commissioner Joe Bertagna, “The NCAA passed legislation that would do away with exempted events. It’s not just hockey legislation. It’s somewhat convoluted.... all that’s really pertinent for the hockey part of it is that this NCAA process that took place completely outside of hockey resulted in the elimination of exemptions.”

Tournaments this new legislation will affect include the Hockey Commissioners Association’s Ice Breaker Tournament, the Lefty McFadden Invitational, and UNO’s Maverick Stampede, among with others in varying sports.

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It's more like the DICTAA-TORSHIP!

You'd think that the governing body would consult its minions. Is there even a hockey minion on the board? If so, I want his head!

Even if it's you Marty!

Go 'Cats!

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