Thursday, June 28, 2007

Or is he? Schneider to Possibly Stay an Eagle?

I must agree with Elliot Olshansky in that this whole can of worms is perhaps the most entertaining storyline of the off-season.

Although previously it was reported not only here, but by other media sources (reportedly first leaked to NESN) that Boston College goaltender Cory Schneider will sign with the Vancouver Canucks, it appears as though those reports were, if not absolutely spurious, at least a tad bit premature.

Olshansky reports, courtesy of an interview in a Boston media source, that according to Schneider, nothing has been signed. Well, at least for now.

"I haven’t signed anything yet; I am mulling it over. We’re discussing and talking, but nothing is official. I don’t know where the reports are coming from," notes the BC netminder during an interview with

Schneider will, however, attend the Canucks' prospect conditioning camp, and says that he will have a decision made by sometime this week.

Boston College will be in a precarious situation if Schneider were to leave, as they would have only one goaltender on their roster. That one goaltenter, Adam Reasoner, has seen one collegiate game during his tenure with the Eagles.

One would think that the Canuck situation, however, shouldn't be appealing to Schneider. Although he is a highly coveted prospect, he will likely see plenty of minor league time before making the step up to the NHL. To further complicate things, Vancouver already has a star goaltender in Roberto Luongo on their roster.

On the strength of Schneider's play, BC has done quite well over the last few years. While Schneider was pulling down nice numbers in-net while an Eagle (GAA of 2.053, 15 shutouts, and a save percentage of 0.923), the Eagles were tearing through the NCAA tournament in 2006 and 2007, only to be stopped by even hotter teams in the NCAA championship game. And perhaps that - the opportunity to still win a title as an Eagle - will keep Schneider from signing on the dotted line.

But of course, the NHL, and perhaps the urge to get payed for his hockey endeavors, could be too much for the Marblehead, Massachusetts native.

Perhaps Elliot Olshansky said it best,

"(Schneider) has room to grow at the college level. He gave up four or more goals in seven games this season, one sixth of the games he played for the Eagles. While most of those games came early on in the season - the embarrassing loss to Notre Dame, the Election Night loss to Harvard, the pre-Thanksgiving disaster against New Hampshire - there were also a couple later in the season. One school of thought on when players should make the jump to the professional level is whether one is truly ready for the next level before he's dominated the level he's at. If that's the case, Schneider should focus on being dominant over a 34-game regular season before he sets his sights on 82."

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