Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Thank-you (or Two), a Heads-up, and Does Anybody Like Re-runs?

First off, some housekeeping to take care of. A big thanks goes out to Chris at the Western College Hockey blog for a nice plug. Also, a big thanks to those bloggers that put this blog in their link-list; I know that bunch includes the Hockey in Wisconsin Blog, the UNH Men’s Hockey Blog, the Wisconsin Hockey Blog, and the UAA Fan Blog. If I somehow forgot mentioning your blog, please E-mail me and I’ll make an edit to this post. Really, a ton of the growth here has been thanks to the fellow bloggers out in the college hockey blogosphere.

And speaking of growth, the growth here thus far has been quite nice. We’ve had over 550 visits and 1,100 hits as of early morning June 3rd. I say that’s not bad, considering the blog’s only about four days old or so. That merits a nice “thank you” to our new readers.

And speaking of that UAA Blog, as many of you know, Donald will be posting his thoughts regarding this crazy, crazy world of college hockey here at tCH(&OS)B. For those of you who don’t know of Donald and his work, it might be a good idea to get out from under that large boulder before you suffocate (A harmless joke, folks!). Anyway, Donald is the one-man show at the Fan Blog, and is perhaps one of the sharpest and funniest bloggers out there. Be forewarned, however, as some people know from his forum days, Donald is very opinionated and can be extremely controversial. I guess what I’m trying to say is that Donald’s comments contain that certain “bite” that is unique to Donald alone. I personally am quite excited to read his first post here, and think that many of you will enjoy his future posts here as well.

And before I forget, I need to thank Donald for giving this blog an excellent plug. Anyway, if you want to get a preview of what Donald might bring here, you might want to check out his UAA Hockey Fan Blog.

Anyway, speaking of blogs, I will probably toss together another College Hockey Blog Round-Up in about two weeks or so, but it might get pushed forward or back depending on other blog updates and whatnot. Stay on the lookout for that.

Finally, as many of you know, aside from waiting to hear UMass-Lowell’s fate and the announcement regarding U of A’s new head coach, the last couple of news days in the college hockey world have been slow – something to be expected in the off-season. However, when it’s close to the off-season for just about every college sport, all of these college sports-dedicated television networks on the lower satellite and digital cable tiers start getting desperate for programming. Thankfully for us, some college hockey game re-airs tend to get tossed into the fray to fill a few hours. (I guess you can only show that USC volleyball game from nine months ago or that week-eight episode of Inside Cornhusker Football so many times before the tapes combust from friction, or something like that.)

So, if you’re starved for college hockey, you might want to set your TiVo, or PVR, or doodle on your calendar, or chisel something into a stone slab if need be. However, the next two weeks shouldn’t be too difficult to remember – all upcoming games (that I know of) will be on FCS Atlantic.

Friday, June 8th
Minnesota @ Minnesota-Duluth (11/4/06)– FCS-A
St. Cloud State @ Minnesota (11/10/06) – FCS-A
Minnesota @ St. Cloud State (11/11/06)– FCS-A

Friday, June 15th
Minn. St.-Mank. @ Minnesota (12/1/06) – FCS-A
Denver @ Minnesota (1/20/07) – FCS-A
Minn. St.-Mank. @ Denver (12/8/06) – FCS-A

Check your local listings for start times, but if I remember correctly the games aren’t that late in the day. I might be wrong, though.

And remember – it’s television. Things are always subject to change without notice or reason. Actually, that’s just a good lesson for life in general. :-)



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As Always,

Go 'Cats!

Anthony Allen Pollreisz said...

Did just that right now.

Submitting the blog at the college hockey blogs website kind of escaped me their completely somehow.

Thanks for the heads up!

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