Wednesday, June 13, 2007

UMass-Lowell Hockey Officially Saved: New Arena Deal Reached.

A quick update on Lowell's now ending plight.

After a series of city and university trustees' votes, a new arena deal has been approved between the city of Lowell and UML, and the RiverHawks will live to play again for at least one more year. Although nothing was mentioned regarding the reduction of per-game fees, the $50,000 fee UML pays to use Lowell's Tsongas Arena has been entirely axed, and also, UML will recieve a larger cut of food and advertising profits, the Lowell Sun reports.

While UML will be paying less to play at Tsongas, the city of Lowell approved a fee-raise for the city's minor league team. The Lowell Devils will now be paying a yearly fee of $275,000 to play at the city's arena -- up from $150,000 last year.

However, with the financial restructuring of both of the arena's hockey tenants, city officials are still worrying about taking massive arena-related losses in the future. Tsongas, as of the 30th of April, lost over $780,000, and is on a record pace to lose more money by the end of the '07 fiscal year.

Link : New Arena Deal Between University and City Could Save Hockey Program.
Link : Arena Woes Continue for UMass-Lowell, Program in Limbo.

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In the words of the immortal Lanny Gare (at least as immortal as the Lowell hockey program) -

"I'd rather be stabbed in Lowell than a Black Bear in Maine."

Go 'Cats!

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