Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lowell to Keep MacDonald as Head Coach Despite Drunken Driving Charges.

Blaise MacDonald will continue to coach the UMass-Lowell Riverhawks after apologizing to the school and community after being caught for driving under the influence of alcohol, CHN reports.

“It saddens me to know this act goes against the very message of responsible behavior that I have strived so hard to instill in my student athletes,” notes MacDonald after a recent court hearing.

MacDonald was picked up in Chelmsford, Massachusetts on May 29, where he was reportedly found asleep at the wheel of his automobile. MacDonald allegedly failed all sobriety tests, and blew two times the legal Massachusetts BAC limit of 0.08 in a pair of breathalyser tests.

For his actions, MacDonald’s driving license was suspended for 45 days, and in addition, MacDonald must complete an alcohol-treatment program.

His punishment, however, extended beyond Massachusetts law, as MacDonald was immediately given an indefinite suspended without pay from his head hockey coaching job at UMass-Lowell. This suspension, however, will be reportedly dropped next week, primarily after MacDonald’s submitted apology, his team’s GPA, and, among many other things, his years of community service were analyzed by school officials.

“Its not a secret on campus that driving after drinking is an issue I feel fairly strongly about. In our environment example is everything,” notes UML AD Dana Skinner, who has reportedly known MacDonald for 18 years.

According to MacDonald, the Riverhawk coach will take part in an on-campus alcohol-education program and will make a monetary donation to an on-campus student athlete alcohol education program.

Link: UML AD Dana Skinners released statement regarding the issue.

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