Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A New College Hockey Directory Worth Mentioning...

I have just received an e-mail directing me towards, well, a directory. A new directory. A new directory of college hockey players...

The folks at CollegeHockey.info are doing their darndest to pull together a directory of past and present hockey players that have played some amount of competitive college hockey at the ACHA, CIS, NCAA, and the NJCAA levels.

As their mission statement says, “The CollegeHockey.info Directory’s mission is to become the largest, most inclusive directory of active and former college hockey players on the Internet.” Ambitious, no?

Right now, the site isn’t completely open, as they are trying to amass player submissions. However, if you know of somebody that has played college hockey at any of the above-mentioned levels, please help out these fine folks and direct them towards this directory so they can submit their information.

Currently, they’re aiming to open their directory to the public by the first of August. Certainly check them out. Its a pretty cool concept.

Oh, and for what it’s worth, illness in general stinks. College Hockey Blog Round-up on Wednesday-ish.

Edit: Thursday. I'm way too ill right now.

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