Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Pair of Midwestern College Hockey Musings...

First, according to The Blog That Yost Built, one Notre Dame home game against Michigan this season will be played at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Packer487” identifies some of the positives and negatives for Notre Dame, saying that,

“…(the game is) likely a way to get some more exposure in the southeast Michigan market. There aren’t a lot of hockey players that come out of Indiana, so the more they can be seen by kids in the hockey hotbed of Metro Detroit, the better for them.”

As for the big negative,

“…they’re giving up a home game – which would’ve been a sellout – against a good hockey team in Michigan in favor of playing what will essentially amount to another road game in the series. If I were a Notre Dame fan, I wouldn’t be very happy about the school voluntarily giving up their only home date against Michigan in favor of playing the game an hour from the Michigan campus.”

The game at the Palace of Auburn Hills will take place on January 19th and will be the first time Notre Dame has played at the Palace since February of 1996.

Second, Chris at Western College Hockey and Brian Cook at MGoBlog report that, according to Big Ten Network president Mark Silverman, 10 to 15 college hockey games featuring Big Ten Conference-member teams will be broadcast on the upstart Big Ten Network this season.

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