Monday, August 20, 2007

A Brief Hiatus (on my part)…

Well, I’ll be making my journey back to school this Wednesday. In preparation for the upcoming semester, and partially due to the fact that I despise laptops, I will be shipping off my computer at some point today.

Therefore, unless I find an internet kiosk at some airport somewhere that isn’t too horribly expensive (which I doubt), there will be no updates from me until, at the earliest, the 25th-27th of this month.

I have talked to Donald of the UAA Fan Blog, and he has graciously accepted the helm here for the time being. If anything “big” and/or newsworthy occurs in the world of college hockey while I'm not here, Donald will post something here. Also, if Donald feels the need to post any type of update or commentary, he will do so as well.

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