Sunday, September 30, 2007

Goin's Gettin' Tough...

... So I'll be taking a brief leave of absence from this blog until sometime around the weekend. Some "learn math before big exam" related stuff.

Incidentally, you may notice that, for the moment, I have taken down the RSS feed on the right-hand column to Again, I assure you that it is only momentary.

Basically, the Hockey East blog decided to close up shop, and, in the process of that blog's complete shut-down, was hijacked by some pornographic advertisers. The bot over at that blog is posting very frequently, and thus, is showing up high on CHB's "recent posts" list, and thus, was showing up frequently here through the RSS feed.

Just one of those preventative things. I know some of you aren't into that stuff. Fair enough. I would like to assure you that tCH(&OS)B is in no way affiliated with any companies of that nature.

I have sent my request to have that blog removed from CHBs, and I'm sure that appropriate action will be taken. And when that action is taken, the feed will be put back up here.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wayne State to Drop Men's Hockey After 2007-’08.

Just breaking at (sad news, really) -- Wayne State, entering its 9th year at the D-I level, will terminate its D-I men’s hockey program upon completing the upcoming 2007-’08 hockey season.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Season Preview Blog-o-rama (2nd edition).

We’ll try to keep this feature recurring until the season’s start.

● The Clarkson Hockey Fans blog continues its preview of the ECAC, this time taking a look at the Brown Bears. In regard to Brown in the upcoming season, CHF’s “Gobe” notes,

“Brown returns their top three scorers but will bring back a defense that will be considered shaky at best. (Sean) Hurley needs to be a leader and draft pick Paul Baier will need to step up his game and play to the NHL level talent he is expected to have.”


“As shown in the past years when teams take Brown lightly they usually leave with a loss. Brown could surprise a couple of teams along the way, but this will be the exception to the rule.”

CHF’s “Gobe” predicts an 11th place finish for Brown, but could finish as well as 9th.

● Continuing its preview of Atlantic Hockey, the RIT Hockey Blog takes a look at the Bentley Falcons. In regard to Bentley’s play in between the pipes, “Komey” notes,

“The weakest link for Bentley is their goaltending. Jason Kearney is the most experienced goalie on the roster. But in two years, he has only played 18 games. His numbers are respectable on his career - 3.44 goals against average and .898 save percentage. Nick Moise is also a junior but has only played 4 games in this career. Joe Calvi is a freshman and may get some playing time if Kearney and Moise can't do the job.”

“Komey” predicts an 8-20 record for the Falcons, good enough for 8th place.

Forgot to mention this one yesterday, the WCHA blog has begun a rather comprehensive season preview for, yes, the WCHA. The WCHA Blog has already taken a look at Colorado College and Alaska-Anchorage, as well as conference schedules, non-conference schedules, top 5 returning scorers (by team), goal production lost (by team), and incoming freshman (by team).

Also, I have posted a new (still, very vanilla) poll.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Season Preview Blog-o-rama.

Folks, its time to locate and dust off your pundit hats.

We’re about two weeks away from seeing actual, competitive, on-ice D-I college hockey. In celebration of the frenetic glee, I have decided to create a special post noting some notable blogosphere season previews.

● The RIT Tiger Hockey Blog has begun its preview of Atlantic Hockey. First on the register, projected by “Komey” to finish 6-22, are the Yellow Jackets of American International. In regard to a traditionally weak-spot for AIC, its offensive output and power play, Komey” notes,

“(Incoming freshmen) TJ Smith, Tom Mele, and Steve McLeod had some impressive statistics in their junior leagues. They are especially needed to help an anemic power play that only connected on 10% of their chances last year. Getting those stats up should be a top priority for the team.”

UPDATE: “Komey” has also posed a preview of Canisius. “Komey” predicts a last-place finish for the Golden Griffins, and a record of 5-23.

● The always great has posted an entire season preview for the CCHA. In regard to the competition in the CCHA this season, notes that,

“We see Michigan State as the team to beat. They are the defending national champions, and are coached by the legend Rick Comley. They bring back a loaded squad and the nation’s best goaltender. The race for the other spots in the league will be tight.”

● Rob at the Hockey East Blog has begun previewing, well, Hockey East. Teams featured currently include Boston College, Boston U., Maine, UMass, and UMass-Lowell, with more to follow.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Big Ten Network Selects 13 Games to be Broadcast in ’07-’08.

CHN reports that 13 college hockey games in the upcoming ’07-’08 season will be broadcast on the Big Ten Network. Naturally, all 13 games will feature at least one Big Ten Conference team from the WCHA and/or CCHA (Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Minnesota, and Wisconsin).

“There is a deep passion for college hockey in Big Ten country and a long-standing tradition of success. (The Big Ten Network looks) forward to capturing that passion and bringing the very best of college hockey to a national audience,” notes Big Ten Network president Mark Silverman.

The 13-game broadcast schedule, not including a broadcast on January 25th that remains to be announced, includes…

Fri., Nov. 23 7:00 ET Minnesota at Michigan State
Fri., Nov. 23 7:30 ET Wisconsin at Michigan
Sat., Nov. 24 7:00 ET Wisconsin at Michigan State
Sat., Nov. 24 7:30 ET Minnesota at Michigan
Fri., Jan. 4 8:00 ET Colorado College at Wisconsin
Fri., Jan. 11 8:00 ET St. Cloud State at Minnesota
Fri., Jan. 18 7:00 ET Michigan State vs. Ohio State
Fri., Feb. 1 7:30 ET Northern Michigan at Michigan
Fri., Feb. 8 9:30 ET Minnesota at Denver
Fri., Feb. 15 7:00 ET Northern Michigan at Ohio State
Fri., Feb. 22 8:00 ET Wisconsin at Minnesota
Fri., Feb. 29 7:30 ET Ferris State at Michigan

The Big Ten Network, which launched on August 30th, 2007, is a joint venture between Fox and the Big Ten Conference, and is reportedly available in nearly 30 million homes.

(Big Ten Network logo courtesy of:

Saturday, September 22, 2007

College Hockey Blog Mini Round-Up (September 22nd)

Darn collegiate work cutting into my blogging. BARGH! Oh, and we are dangerously close to October. YIPPEE!

● First, a news note, as it appears that Notre Dame is another step closer towards a new hockey arena. According to the Notre Dame Observer, $15 million was recently donated anonymously towards a planned new arena. According to the article, Notre Dame is planning a budget of $25-30 million for the project. Read the article at

Some bloggery.

Michigan has picked up a new commitment in forward Luke Moffett, according to WCH. Moffett, who is considered to be the one of the nation’s best 1992-born recruits, will play for the NTDP for the next two years. Read about it here.

Another Michigan note, in celebration of being less than a month away from starting season play, The Blog that Yost Built is taking a look at each Wolverine making up the U-of-Mich. 26-man roster. Already posted: Scooter Vaughan, Chris Summers, Steve Kampfer, and Chad Langlais.

● The WCHA Blog has announced its #1 WCHA city – Duluth, Minnesota. The blogger at the WCHA Blog notes that the only setback for Duluth is access to the city (acting as home for the Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs). However, its bars, its family-friendly atmosphere, its plentiful lodging, and UMD’s ticket availability warrants an “A” rating for the city of Duluth, and the WCHA blog’s #1 overall city rating. Read about it here.

North Dakota, according to the WCHA blog, has picked up a commitment for 2008 in Grand Forks native Mario Lamoureux, who originally committed to Northern Michigan. Incidentally, it appears as though the Lamoureux family has a thriving hockey pedigree – Philippe Lamoureux, a senior, is currently the #1 goalie for North Dakota, and Jacques Lamoureux, who previously played for Northern Michigan, is currently in the process of transferring to Air Force. Read about it here.

Monday, September 17, 2007

College Hockey Blog Mini Round-Up (September 17th)

Slightly swamped on my end. But that’s OK, though, as I’m feelin’ the chill of an upcoming winter and another college hockey season. It’s coming, kids. Hooray, hockey! Hooray, hockey bloggers!

Actually, that whole “chill” thing was wishful thinking on my part, as it’s going to be 79° tomorrow. I enjoy “bad” weather, what can I say? ONWARD!

● First off, congrats to Runnin’ With the Dogs. RWtD has escaped the terrible twos and the last portion of toddlerism¹ (if it were human)! No word yet if RWtD has achieved advanced mobility skills or is able to dress itself yet, but I’m sure that they’ll keep you updated when that does occur if it hasn’t already. :-)

All goofiness aside, RWtD has posted a celebratory blurb/season-preview for the Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs. Check it out, and try to sneak me back a piece of birthday cake if you can. Of course, again, our congratulations to the folks over there.

● The WCHA Blog has named its third-favorite WCHA arena, the Kohl Center in Madison, Wisconsin. Home to the Wisconsin Badgers, the arena received an overall glowing review for its “rock”-in’ atmosphere, good pep band, and hot crowd.

In addition, the WCHA Blog has named Denver, Colorado its 2nd favorite WCHA City (naturally home to the Denver Pioneers). Check that out here.

● Writing while in the ever-lengthening shadow of the Chugiak Mountains, Donald’s UAA Fan Blog takes a look at what it will take for Alaska-Anchorage to claim home-ice for the WCHA playoffs.

● Goon’s World’s “Goon” has released his WCHA predictions for the upcoming season. “Goon” thinks North Dakota will take first in the league, by the way.

● The (Michigan) Tech Hockey Blog recently sat down and interviewed incoming freshman Bennett Royer. Check it out here.

● According to the UNH Men’s Hockey Blog, recruit Will O’Neill, who was slated to join New Hampshire for the 2009 season (I think), will, in fact, not be joining UNH at all now. Reportedly, it appears as though that, after a knee injury, O’Neill, a defenseman, let his grades slide and fell further and further out of shape, and thus, fell further and further out of favor with the university. With that said, however, according to the “UNH Men’s Hockey Blogger guy,” O’Neill apparently has turned things around recently after his releasal from UNH, and has re-committed to Maine.

● The Clarkson Hockey Fans blog is back! In celebration of the upcoming season, “Gobe” has begun a multi-part season preview for the entire ECAC. Firstly, a look at the Union Dutchmen. CHF has projected Union to finish last in the ECAC this season, but could break 9th at best.

One last CCHA musing...

● According to MiCHO, Notre Dame has picked up a new commitment for 2009 in goaltender Joe Rogers. Despite a birth defect which caused his right hand to not develop properly (his glove hand), Rodgers was dominant as a 17-year-old, amassing a 30-1-3 record and a save percentage of .939.

¹ Note: Yes, I understand that “toddlerism” is probably a fake word.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Thinkin' 'Bout Stuffs.

Update will prolly be posted Monday, as I'll be writing like a madman Sunday. It'll likely be in blog (mini) round-up form. Blame my general inability to do math without hours of study, as well as good 'ol procrastination.

I'm also tossing around a few ideas regarding how to cover the season. I'll likely play around with those ideas until I feel that I have something. You'll hear about those ideas at some point, too.

(Edit: The update might be late-Monday-to-Tuesday. I am quite busy doing some school-related things right now.)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mason Out at Michigan State, Hollis in.

In a press conference held on Wednesday, Michigan State announced Mark Hollis as their new Athletic Director, replacing the retiring Ron Mason. The switch will officially be made on January 1st, 2008.

“Throughout the search process, it became more and more clear that Mark Hollis is someone widely regarded, widely visible, and yes, widely sought,” noted Michigan State University president Lou Anna K. Simon during a Wednesday press conference.

Hollis, who has been a member of the Michigan State athletic department management staff since 1995, is widely credited as the man who first envisioned the “Cold War” game, which took place at Michigan State’s outdoor football stadium, Spartan Stadium, in 2001. The game, which broke world records as one of the largest-attended hockey games in history, drew over 74,500 people.

Hollis, possibly using the “Cold War” as his inspiration, would replicate a similar event, this time involving the Michigan State basketball team, in 2003. The “BasketBowl,” as it was known, also set attendance records, drawing over 78,000, at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan.

“This is a special moment for my family. I am thrilled with the opportunity to take over the leadership of the department of athletics. Continuity will be a strength, as I work alongside Ron Mason over the upcoming months and build a map to the future of Spartan athletics,” Hollis said during the Wednesday press conference.

Hollis replaces Ron Mason, who has held the athletic director job at Michigan State since 2002. Before taking the AD job at Michigan State, Mason was a highly-regarded hockey coach for the Spartans and for Bowling Green, becoming the winningest ice hockey head coach (924 wins) in NCAA history and taking Michigan State to a national championship in 1986.

(Photo courtesy of:

Saturday, September 08, 2007

College Hockey Blogflash (September 8)

An elongated blogflash for your weekend…

● Donald at the UAA blog has been busy. First, Donald analyses Alaska-Anchorage’s incoming freshman class. Second, an interview with easily my favorite college hockey radio play-by-play man.

● Staying in Alaska, up in Fairbanks, the Nanooks recently picked up a pair of new commitments, according to the Nannook Hockey Blog. One of which soon to be making the trip to Alaska is Nik Yaremchuk, who played for the AJHL’s Sherwood Park Crusaders last season (20g-19a-39pts.). The other, Jarret Granberg, played for the AJHL’s Brooks Bandits (23g-24a-47pts.) and participated in the league’s top prospects game last season.

● reports Lake Superior State has picked up a new recruit in Daniel Barczuk. Barczuk logged ice-time with the Ohio Jr. Blue Jackets of the USHL last season, amassing nine goals, 13 assists, and 22 points.

Interestingly, when you Google Daniel Barczuk’s name, results #3 and #4 link to For those who are wondering, Barczuk participated in two brawls in his career.

Colorado College, according to the WCHA Blog, added another commitment to their 2008 roster in forward Tim Hall. Hall, a Sewickley, Pennsylvania native, along with LSSU commitment Barczuk, played for the USHL’s Ohio Jr. Blue Jackets last season, accumulating 17 goals, 14 assists, and 31 points in 56 games. Hall also recently played for the United States Under-17 Select Team.

Speaking of CC, the WCHA blog also recently named Colorado Springs, Colorado its 3rd favorite WCHA city. The hockey home for the Tigers received an “A” rating, thanks in part to Colorado Springs’ beauty and city atmosphere, as well as relatively decent ticket availability.

● An update from last week… Chris at WCH reports that incoming Swiss recruit Luca Cunti will, after all, play for St. Cloud State after nearly not getting through the NCAA Clearinghouse. More information can be found here. (Update: The issue involving Cunti has been further clarified by Kevin Allenspach. Cunti has reportedly not gotten through the NCAA Clearinghouse yet, however he is currently taking classes at SCSU. You can take a look at K. Allenspach’s blog here.)

Friday, September 07, 2007

Super-Quick Update...

Sorry for the lull. Kind of bogged down on my side...

There was one major news story over the week. Dave Hakstol, head coach at North Dakota, has signed an extension, and will stay with the Fighting Sioux for the next five years. Here's tCHN's write-up.

I will post a bigger (better) update for tomorrow.

Monday, September 03, 2007

College Hockey Blog Mini Round-Up (September 3rd)

Happy Labor Dabor. I was considering taking the whole long weekend off so I could convalesce from illness (and sunburn) and watch the MDA telethon, but ultimately, as you can see, I decided against it.

Enough stuff here to constitute a mini round-up in my estimation. Onward!

Let’s start out with an article recently posted by CSTV’s Elliot Olshansky. In the article, Olshansky breaks down last season’s NCAA Tournament teams, giving each team a “better” or “worse” rating in regard to how well they will do this season. The article, granted, is a nice read by itself, but the response to the article in the college hockey blogosphere is why I bring it up here.

For one, Goon’s World spotlights three WCHA teams in the article, Minnesota, St. Cloud State, and, naturally, North Dakota, and analyzes further.

The UNH Men’s Hockey Blog also follows the same analyzation-related path, and, naturally, dissects Olshanky’s critique of New Hampshire.

Anywho, to the land of tater-tot casserole! (Or, “hot dish,” if you prefer.)

WCH reports that Bemidji State has picked up a new recruit (and possible candidate for the college hockey all-name team). Jamie Ruff, a Rochester, Minnesota native, will be joining the Beavers for the upcoming season. Ruff tallied 22 goals and 23 assists in 27 games at the prep level last season. WCH’s Chris notes that, “Ruff isn’t a very big forward, but a very fast skater and hard worker that should do well with the Beavers.”

Some WCHA Blog stuff…

St. Cloud State commitment Luca Cunti will not be joining the Huskies before the beginning of the upcoming season, as he is currently listed on the Chicago Steel’s roster and apparently had trouble getting through the NCAA clearinghouse. Cunti, a native of Switzerland, is projected to join the Huskies in the fall of 2008.

Also, continuing its 10-part series, the WCHA blog reveals Minneapolis as its 4th-favorite WCHA city. Minneapolis, home to the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers, received a decent review overall, but received some negative marks for ticket cost and availability.

Staying with the whole analyzation theme we have going here, Goon at Goon’s World also has an analytical post on the roadtrip series.

Meanwhile, in Michigan...

MiCHO reports that goaltender Steve Jakiel will transfer from the University of Michigan and enroll at D-III Curry College. In his one year with the Wolverines, Jakiel played in three games, tallying one victory, a GAA of 4.42, and a save percentage of .837.

And a sad note to report, courtesy of MiCHO, as Lake Superior State sophomore defenseman Ryan Baird will end his hockey-playing career due to a recurring shoulder injury. Baird missed the first nine games of last season, but tallied seven assists following his rehabilitation for the Lakers. Baird then went under the knife again during the off-season, and, as MiCHOs he possibility of complete recovery was slim, and the risk of permanent injury was too great.”

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