Monday, September 17, 2007

College Hockey Blog Mini Round-Up (September 17th)

Slightly swamped on my end. But that’s OK, though, as I’m feelin’ the chill of an upcoming winter and another college hockey season. It’s coming, kids. Hooray, hockey! Hooray, hockey bloggers!

Actually, that whole “chill” thing was wishful thinking on my part, as it’s going to be 79° tomorrow. I enjoy “bad” weather, what can I say? ONWARD!

● First off, congrats to Runnin’ With the Dogs. RWtD has escaped the terrible twos and the last portion of toddlerism¹ (if it were human)! No word yet if RWtD has achieved advanced mobility skills or is able to dress itself yet, but I’m sure that they’ll keep you updated when that does occur if it hasn’t already. :-)

All goofiness aside, RWtD has posted a celebratory blurb/season-preview for the Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs. Check it out, and try to sneak me back a piece of birthday cake if you can. Of course, again, our congratulations to the folks over there.

● The WCHA Blog has named its third-favorite WCHA arena, the Kohl Center in Madison, Wisconsin. Home to the Wisconsin Badgers, the arena received an overall glowing review for its “rock”-in’ atmosphere, good pep band, and hot crowd.

In addition, the WCHA Blog has named Denver, Colorado its 2nd favorite WCHA City (naturally home to the Denver Pioneers). Check that out here.

● Writing while in the ever-lengthening shadow of the Chugiak Mountains, Donald’s UAA Fan Blog takes a look at what it will take for Alaska-Anchorage to claim home-ice for the WCHA playoffs.

● Goon’s World’s “Goon” has released his WCHA predictions for the upcoming season. “Goon” thinks North Dakota will take first in the league, by the way.

● The (Michigan) Tech Hockey Blog recently sat down and interviewed incoming freshman Bennett Royer. Check it out here.

● According to the UNH Men’s Hockey Blog, recruit Will O’Neill, who was slated to join New Hampshire for the 2009 season (I think), will, in fact, not be joining UNH at all now. Reportedly, it appears as though that, after a knee injury, O’Neill, a defenseman, let his grades slide and fell further and further out of shape, and thus, fell further and further out of favor with the university. With that said, however, according to the “UNH Men’s Hockey Blogger guy,” O’Neill apparently has turned things around recently after his releasal from UNH, and has re-committed to Maine.

● The Clarkson Hockey Fans blog is back! In celebration of the upcoming season, “Gobe” has begun a multi-part season preview for the entire ECAC. Firstly, a look at the Union Dutchmen. CHF has projected Union to finish last in the ECAC this season, but could break 9th at best.

One last CCHA musing...

● According to MiCHO, Notre Dame has picked up a new commitment for 2009 in goaltender Joe Rogers. Despite a birth defect which caused his right hand to not develop properly (his glove hand), Rodgers was dominant as a 17-year-old, amassing a 30-1-3 record and a save percentage of .939.

¹ Note: Yes, I understand that “toddlerism” is probably a fake word.

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