Sunday, September 30, 2007

Goin's Gettin' Tough...

... So I'll be taking a brief leave of absence from this blog until sometime around the weekend. Some "learn math before big exam" related stuff.

Incidentally, you may notice that, for the moment, I have taken down the RSS feed on the right-hand column to Again, I assure you that it is only momentary.

Basically, the Hockey East blog decided to close up shop, and, in the process of that blog's complete shut-down, was hijacked by some pornographic advertisers. The bot over at that blog is posting very frequently, and thus, is showing up high on CHB's "recent posts" list, and thus, was showing up frequently here through the RSS feed.

Just one of those preventative things. I know some of you aren't into that stuff. Fair enough. I would like to assure you that tCH(&OS)B is in no way affiliated with any companies of that nature.

I have sent my request to have that blog removed from CHBs, and I'm sure that appropriate action will be taken. And when that action is taken, the feed will be put back up here.

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